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iBeacon/Beacon Mobile Apps Development

From welcoming people as they arrive at a sporting event to providing information about a nearby museum exhibit, iBeacon opens a new world of possibilities for location awareness, and countless opportunities for interactivity between applications and iBeacon hardware

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What is iBeacon/Beacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s version of the Bluetooth-based beacon concept, which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. In simplistic words, it consists of two parts: a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone app). The broadcaster is always advertising “I am here, and my ID is…”, while the receiver detects these Bluetooth radio packets and does whatever it needs to do based on how close or far it is from them.

Think of beacons as “buttons or links to the physical world around you”. In the same way that web pages rely on buttons as a primary way of user interaction, beacons are used by apps to trigger events and call actions, allowing users to interact with digital or physical things, such as door locks, discounts, automation systems or simple notifications.

Just like iBeacon is a Bluetooth 4.0 communication protocol designed by Apple, Eddystone is an open Bluetooth 4.0 protocol from Google.

Why iBeacon?

Beacon technology empowers contextualisation based on proximity or location by connecting the physical and digital worlds.

  1. Accuracy – Since iBeacon is a proximity technology, it is extremely accurate indoors. When a device senses an iBeacon in close range via Bluetooth, actions can be immediately taken on the device — without relying on satellite connectivity which is subject to atmospheric and building penetration issues.
  2. Privacy – Because iBeacons are not tracking users everywhere they go, and rather simply logging when they come into range of an iBeacon, users can feel confident that their privacy is preserved and that IT is not tracking them when they leave work or school. No Big Brother here.
  3. Integration – iBeacon is a native Apple technology, so it integrates seamlessly and scales effortlessly with your Apple ecosystem.
  4. Affordability – Because even an iPad can be configured as an iBeacon (via a number of free apps), the technology is affordable, accessible, and scalable.
  5. Usability – iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology, so there’s very little impact to the users device and battery life. And since it’s built into the operating system natively, it just works.

With that in mind, see the examples below.

why beacon

In-Shop Experience

Asset Tracking


Indoor Locations

Loyalty Programs

Consumer Engagment


Why Iottive?

At Iottive, we have deep knowledge of how iBeacon works and what are the current challenges and solutions for mobile applications.

We have extensive experience of more than 2 years working with iBeacon technology.

  • We are providing a complete solution for mobile apps that can easily interact with iBeacons.
  • Our customers are really love working with our skilled engineers. “We had been having issues with our iBeacon integration for months and the problem was fixed within a few days when Rushabh was brought on board. An absolute professional, an expert in micro location and has great communication, I highly recommend him and will continue to work with him on our project into the future.”-Rhodri Thomas, Jamjar
  • Our previous and most of the work speaks about our experience with iBeacon apps development.
  • At Iottive we have developed more than 10 apps that is interacting with iBeacons.
  • We are not another mobile app development company. We are different and we do different.
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