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IOTTIVE partnered with a leading client in the automotive industry to enhance the driving experience using innovative IoT solutions and GPS data. The client faced challenges related to oncoming speed and red light traps, leading to heavy fines for users and safety concerns. Traditional app-based solutions were cumbersome, requiring manual interaction, and lacked seamless integration with IoT devices.

Problem Statement

The client sought a solution to detect oncoming speed and red light traps seamlessly, without requiring users to constantly interact with an app while driving. They needed a reliable, device-based solution that would integrate with GPS data and provide real-time notifications to users.


Reduce fines and improve driver safety by
alerting users about speed and red light
traps in advance.

Enhance user convenience by offering a seamless and automated experience without the need for constant app interaction.

Solution Overview

IOTTIVE provided an end-to-end solution, encompassing firmware development for an IoT device, native app development for iOS and Android platforms, and a robust backend system. The IoT device, powered by ESP32 chipset, featured LEDs that illuminated upon detecting cameras. The native apps, built in Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, seamlessly connected with the device and backend.”

Key Features

Firmware Development

Firmware Development

IOTTIVE revamped
the firmware to ensure smooth connectivity
and seamless integration with the
native apps.

Native Development

The ios and Android apps offered
a simple user interface for connecting the
device, adjusting LED brightness settings,
and adding custom cameras.

Backend Integration

The backend, developed in React.js and
Node.js, facilitated communication between the apps and external databases, providing real-time camera details and GPS data.

  • Initial integration challenges with React Native app from a previous agency led to connectivity issues with the IoT device.
  • Ensuring the device reconnected automatically without user intervention, even when the app was not active, posed a significant technical challenge.

Technical Expertise

Native app development in Swift and Kotlin
ensured optimal performance and
native integration.

Firmware development expertise on the ESP32
chipset enabled seamless
device connectivity.

Backend development in React.js and
Node.js provided a scalable and
reliable infrastructure.

Solution Overview

The app offered a simple setup process, allowing users to connect the device, adjust settings, and add custom cameras effortlessly. Clear indicators of device connectivity and intuitive interface elements ensured a seamless and hassle-free user experience while driving.”

Testing & Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing across various iOS and
Android devices, along with different locations, ensured compatibility and reliability under diverse conditions.

Outcome and Impact

The solution effectively addressed the initial challenges and achieved the client’s objectives of reducing fines, improving driver safety, and enhancing user convenience.

Users experienced a significant improvement in their driving experience, with seamless notifications about oncoming speed and red light traps.

The solution’s successful implementation showcased IOTTIVE’s expertise in IoT, native app development, and backend integration, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the automotive industry.

An IOTTIVE App Solution to Elevate Driving Experience with IoT Device and GPS

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