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IoT Hardware & Firmware Development

The IoT devices require specific sensors to convert the acquired data into a measurable value. Our prime service efficiency point lies in designing and implementing the embedded wireless concepts, components, and services. Therefore, any kind of IoT embedded hardware and firmware needs are also attended at Iottive.

Firmware Development

Iottive boasts about its knowledge of firmware development for IoT embedded systems.

We can customize the firmware based on the specific requirements of clients. Our team members possess the skills to develop industry-compatible firmware using Python, C++, C and other languages. We take the hassle of programming the microcontrollers and microprocessors to execute specific tasks based upon the instructions.

Iottive’s expertise with firmware development lies for :

IoT devices

BLE devices

Bluetooth Classic devices

Medical & biotech applications

Networking applications


Hardware Development

The IoT hardware components can also include the low-power boards such as single board processors such as Arduino Uno.

We carry out the development practices for making the hardware as well. It includes several devices such as bridges, sensors, routing and others. All of these IoT hardware devices work upon managing the key functions and tasks that include security, action specifications, system activation, detection of goals and communication.

Iottive will help you get the best output from your IoT devices and applications with powerful hardware. We have experience building not just applications or software but also hardware for IoT devices and their seamless connectivity. Some of our areas of expertise in terms of IoT Hardware and Design development are:

Circuit design in both digital and analog domain

Component selection

PCB designing

Prototype fabrication

Reverse Engineering the existing designs

Validation Services

We impose the validation services with this category of service offering. The purpose is to verify & validate the hardware and board systems for helping you address the specific industrial needs with the firmware and hardware solutions of IoT devices. Apart from that, this service is also imposed to check all of the functional efficiency of the hardware before handing it over to the client within the specified deadline.

The prime purpose of our services is to offer quality products, irrespective of the deadline window. So, with the expertise we carry, our job includes validating our products from all aspects of the user’s perspective to ensure it is a success in its respective industry. We verify the design, test the plan preparation, link the requirements and test the product’s acceptance! Hence, this is the validation process imposed by Iottive.

If your service needs have IoT as a requirement, Iottive is your one-stop hub for the same! Our service experts attend everything that revolves around IoT! Your application needs an upgrade! Turn up to Iottive for adding the efficacy of IoT technology to it.


At Iottive, we understands the role of mobile application in connecting the devices to the internet. Our mobility services will help you to convert your Device to Smart Device.

We are providing a complete solution for mobile apps that can easily interact with external devices over different protocol.

Our previous and most of the work speaks about our experience with IoT apps development.

At Iottive we have developed more than 15 apps that is interacting with external hardware.

We are not another mobile app development company. We are different and we do different.

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