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Voices of Trust and Satisfaction

Our clients and partners are our greatest advocates. Dive into the stories and experiences shared by those who have journeyed with us. These testimonials reflect our dedication to excellence, our commitment to building lasting relationships, and the transformative impact of our solutions. Discover the real-world feedback that continues to drive us forward.

Adnan Aziz DiscApp, Founder

I really like working with Rushabh, have done a number of projects with him. Very mature: does what he says he's going to do, chases down things that are gating. More generally, has a commitment to excellence, and a deep knowledge of IOS

Harrison Brown HeadCheckHealth, Co-Founder and CEO

As always, it was great to work with Rushabh. He is extremely knowledgable with iOS, BLE devices, Xcode, and troubleshooting. Definitely would recommend, and will definitely work with again.

Rhodri Thomas Jamjar, Founder

We had been having issues with our iBeacon integration for months and the problem was fixed within a few days when Rushabh from Iottive was brought on board. An absolute professional, an expert in micro location and has great communication, I highly recommend him and will continue to work with him on our project into the future.

Patrice Kerremans Founder, AirKwa

Great work. Even though they didn't have access to the bluetooth device they had to integrate with in the app, they asked the right questions and asked me to use an app to get the correct answers. Based on this they could properly implement the integration. The screens were Implemented really fast and well in two iterations (with dummy data so we could test them rapidly and give feedback as early as possible. The second iteration consisted in showing actual data. I'm very pleased of their ability to correctly understand the requirements and the quality of their work!

David Austing CEO & Founder, HEAVN

They did a great Job. I would work with them every time again!

Gary Fonseca Entrepreneur - Pura Vida Cloud

We were lucky to find an expert on what we were looking for, great disposition, excellent communication helped us on getting this job done.

Sverre Nolsøe CE0, SafeFriend ApS

We have worked with iottive for over one year now and it has been a great experience. They have helped us from day one and have helped us develop a small idea into a great product and solution. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to development and are innovative when it comes to finding solutions to issues that can occur when developing apps and hardware. The communication has been spot on! And we have always been able to communicate with them and this is a key thing for our company. And the result has been a great product.

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