Unlock refreshment at one of Coca-Cola’s smart coolers—just scan, select, grab, and go!

How it works

Add payment. Use your credit or debit card to set up easy touchless payment.

Scan to unlock. Scan the QR code on the cooler to validate payment and unlock the cooler.

Select your product(s). Grab your beverage of choice—or two, or three. You can grab all you want, as long as you have enough money with your chosen payment method.

Please be sure to close the cooler once you’ve got your beverages—and enjoy!


Personalized profile. Save a payment method and track your purchases.

Contactless payment. Enjoy a clean, convenient, touch-free experience.

Great variety. Choose from a wide range of your Coke favorites.

Cool rewards. Earn rewards points every time you make a purchase.

Skills : Bluetooth, IoT

URL : Play Store

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