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Since IoT was introduced, the usage of devices by SMBs in the workplace has changed. Today is the time of automatic data transfer and IoT has developed into an important technology for sustainability. From switching on a light bulb using your smartphone app to using a security motion sensor at home, there is everything that IoT technology can make possible for the users. And if you are a manufacturer or hold any kind of business, IoT can help you operate numerous jobs from data and inventory management to remote working and planning. IOTTIVE PVT LTD. brings something reliable and something different for the success and growth of your digital business.

Automotive, Asset Tracking, Building & Home Automation, Wearables, Centralized & Integrated system controls.

IoT technology works on the concept of linking smart objects to the internet. It is when a network of interconnected things or devices is simply embedded with software, sensors, network connectivity, and necessary devices that collect and exchange data to make them responsive. IOTTIVE, through its smart mobile applications and other software solutions, assists businesses in focusing on bringing products to market faster, increasing efficiency, complying with regulatory requirements, and, most importantly, innovating for the benefit of their customers.

The company’s IoT-based mobile apps are simple to connect with external devices via various protocols. The company holds ample experience in developing apps and other product development solutions delivering effective user experience. Hence, it is recognized as well as appreciated by top rating platforms in the world and ranked as a Top IoT service providing company in India in Good Firms ranking list. It is also a top rated company in India for testing services and has developed 30+ applications for Android, iOS, Watch OS and Wear OS

The development philosophy of IOTTIVE PVT LTD is driven towards enhancing the product experience. The focus of the expert professionals in the company remains on delivering a simple, yet effective UX to the end consumers of the application. The company’s passionate employees serve clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Italy.

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