Medflexion: Smart MSD Care

Medflexion: Smart MSD Care The Medflexion Health team aspires to empower patients to achieve a better holistic personalized experience through engaging in intelligent and predictable evidence-based care that will enable and advance MSD patients desired outcomes. Achieve and maintain global leadership in the treatment and rehabilitation of upper extremity disorders through intelligent wearable technology solutions […]

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HANK You are not careless, you just don’t have HANK. Welcome to Hank where you save time finding your lost items. Hank is a Bluetooth tracker that allows you to find your missing items with just the push of a button, helping you stay organized and focused on what is important. Easy right? Life is

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Goal Smart

Goal Smart Smart Goal is a Sports Application. To enhance motivation and commitment. To help you stay focused on what to accomplish. To help you focus on the process and in the now. Statistics help players redefine how they measure success and allow them to start measuring what matters to their development. It completely changes

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Reeload Reeload app where you can find and submit ratings and reviews for the newest movies and TV shows. Also, you can create your favourite movies/TV shows list and share it with your friends and family. Reeload app where you can find and submit ratings and reviews for the newest movies and TV shows. Also,

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Friennegram The Frienneagram is an ancient Sufi teaching that describes nine different personality type and their inter-relationships. This teaching can help them identify their own type and deal with their problems, understand their co-workers, loved ones, family and friends. You will also be able to know the profile of your friends and family, and thus

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Heatsail The HEATSAIL app is designed to work seamlessly with all of our heating and lighting products. It will be available for download on iOS devices, making it easily accessible for users. The app will be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that will allow users to control their devices with ease. One of

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Colibri Colibri has rapidly risen from a niche industry into a world leader in advanced high-speed spindle technologies and solutions; specializing in the design and manufacture of compact, coolant-driven spindles, operating with minimal vibrations and run-out. The HSM Jet Spindle, (trade names SPINJET and Typhoon), is a real game changer – utilizing innovative, cost-saving coolant-driven

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Vertax Golf: Smart Golf

Vertax Golf: Smart Golf VERTEX SmartCore is a Motion sensor device inserted into your putter head, giving you the most realistic and detailed putting data & stats available for your stroke. Easy to get a list of all performed sessions even without the Internet. Measures every angle and every unit of your putt with an

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