Medflexion: Smart MSD Care

Medflexion: Smart MSD Care The Medflexion Health team aspires to empower patients to achieve a better holistic personalized experience through engaging in intelligent and predictable evidence-based care that will enable and advance MSD patients desired outcomes. Achieve and maintain global leadership in the treatment and rehabilitation of upper extremity disorders through intelligent wearable technology solutions […]

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HANK You are not careless, you just don’t have HANK. Welcome to Hank where you save time finding your lost items. Hank is a Bluetooth tracker that allows you to find your missing items with just the push of a button, helping you stay organized and focused on what is important. Easy right? Life is

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Coke&Go Unlock refreshment at one of Coca-Cola’s smart coolers—just scan, select, grab, and go! How it works Add payment. Use your credit or debit card to set up easy touchless payment. Scan to unlock. Scan the QR code on the cooler to validate payment and unlock the cooler. Select your product(s). Grab your beverage of

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Seatback Seatback is a holistic wellness system that motivates your team to stay healthy by setting and achieving health goals and improving sitting quality. Skills : Bluetooth URL : Play Store Related Projects… Work Speaks Louder Than Words. We are eagerly waiting for your project to join this list. Load More

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iPair ( Vibelit )

iPair ( Vibelit ) iPair app allows you to manage your device and monitor your environment. The settings page allows you to customize your treatments according to the environment. Entering the volume of the room you want to treat, the app calculates the most suitable plasma parameters for the most effective purification and sanitization. If

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Vata 7

Vata 7 VATA7 mobile app allows riders to customize their LED experience on their VATA7 gear. Skills : Bluetooth, Camera, Wearable URL : App Store Related Projects… Work Speaks Louder Than Words. We are eagerly waiting for your project to join this list. Load More

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Patriot UVClean

Patriot UVClean Easily command a germ- and mold-free environment for the safety and wellness of customers, patients, employees, and family members with your UVClean remote controller App thru Bluetooth or WiFi. Patent-pending double -helix sterilizers emit ultraviolet light to irradiate surface areas and purify the air from deadly viruses without employing laborious scrubbing or the

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Lara Health

Lara Health Lara Health makes it easy for patients to track their vitals from the comfort and safety of their home and share those automatically with their care providers. Connect your smart health tracking device, build a diary of your health measurements, set up reminders, share your readings with your care team, and more, all

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HeadCheck HeadCheck is an all-in-one concussion assessment system that enables accurate concussion testing on the sideline of sporting events. Baseline and post-injury testing using HeadCheck is fast, easy, and reliable. Get started today by tracking gold standard concussion indicator test scores, such as: symptoms, concentration, balance and memory. HeadCheck was developed to bridge the gap

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